I Love

Many months ago, I wrote about how I was starting to feel like I am growing roots here in Olympia. Now, I most certainly have roots, but I don’t feel trapped. Instead, free. I love this place, I really really do.

I fit the stereotype for sure: I drive a Prius, I teach yoga, I help at a non-profit/farm, I’m vegan, I listen to folk/indie, I love to hike, I’m queer, I’m feminist, I care about the environment… The list could go on.

While I was visiting people in the midwest this summer, these stereotypes of myself became more apparent. But, I realized that they didn’t bother me too much, because I love my life! I love being surrounded by like-minded people. We just have to remember that the rest of the world sometimes isn’t as open minded or progressive (adjectives we may use for ourselves here), or sometimes we are less open minded than we think. We live in a beautiful bubble here in Olympia, and we have to remember that it’s a bubble.

I have been working as the Events Intern at GRuB (the non-profit organization http://goodgrub.org/) and have felt so at home and connected to the community. We can talk openly and vulnerably there, giving each other space or hugs or food, or just general support. I would love to continue to work in a place like GRuB, where I look forward to arriving and have a hard time leaving.

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This summer has also been about delving deeper into relationships, which has been both challenging and freeing. My wedding is in 15 days, ah!

I have embraced the go-go-go mentality of summer by going on many crazy hikes and seeing my physical strength as well as limitations. For a while there, I was worried about our Washington wilderness because of the terrible fires. What a strange and terrifying time for our climate. I will try to take my fear and turn it into passion to do my best for our world.

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Now, many leaves are on the ground, though it is not yet technically Autumn. The air has a distinct chill to it and we’ve pulled our thicker blanket out of the closet. I’m in cozy clothes with my cup of tea. I’m starting to slow down my chase of the sun and am getting ready to embrace this next season of my life.


Curious of what I listened to while writing this? It’s down below.







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