Constantly Learning

First of all, here’s a song I found recently that I love:

I think I’ve written a lot about accepting and allowing on here. So often I find that I’ve just started chipping away at something bigger than I realized. And sometimes it takes so long to integrate lessons into daily life. I’ve gone in and out of my meditation practice, though I have moments of mindfulness every morning, it’s not quite the same as intentionally sitting down to relax and train the mind for 10 minutes a day. I’ve been feeling the need for more acceptance and allowance of certain situations in my life and remembering to breathe can help a lot with that. Why do we forget to breathe so often?!

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten the app that everyone’s been raving about: Headspace. I love it. I get excited about using it again every day. I really feel more content and relaxed after each “take 10” session. I love Andy’s voice and the visual aspect of the animations. I find that the app really drives home the message of allowing thoughts, sounds, and feelings, just noticing them without judgment.

I’ve been talking with someone recently about a relationship in my life that I tend to hold a lot of negative feelings around because it feels inauthentic. She advised me to go about the situation a different way: to hold compassion for the other, to keep their needs in mind as well as my own, and think about the interactions being genuine in that they are coming from a true place of compassion for the needs that exist. Basically, being accepting of it on a whole new level.

That’s essentially what love is, isn’t it? Acceptance? Right now, for me, it’s easier said than done. I find that it’s hardest to always be accepting and not critical of those we are closest to (e.g. our significant other, once we’ve lived with them for awhile), ourselves, and of course, those we don’t like so much. So, those are the people that are my top priorities right now. I am working on being more “watery”: neutral, flowing, giving, allowing. And I must say, I have been feeling a bit more “airy”: light, excited, new, clear.


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