Noting, Recognizing


I have been working on a certain “track” on this website called Happify. The track is called “Mindfulness at Work: The Modern Secret to Success”. Within it are many meditations which have been helpful to the way I meditate. I’ve heard many times that while meditating to see your thoughts as passing clouds and to focus on the breath. I liked this image, but in this most recent practice, I’ve been learning about being very specific about those thoughts and noting them. For example: remembering, planning, wandering, picturing. Usually, when we take a moment to note things that come up, our mind doesn’t get so caught up with them and we can then return to noting the rising and falling of our breath. I have also learned that one shouldn’t try to control the breath during meditation. This is because meditation is practice for being mindful in daily life, which is not controlled. With breathing naturally, it can actually be a little more challenging to note the breath after a while, but it is a neutral and more realistic state. The things that come up in our lives that can cause us to be reactionary, are usually not in our control. Meditation is a practice of noting without judgment so that we aren’t so reactionary. It is meant to be a training for leading a more peaceful life.

I think that yoga can be such a great tool for that very same reason. Or even just exercise in general. When your mind is so present and it is often just noting a single action at once. “Push”, “engage”, “one, two, three..”, “lift”, “left, right”. And usually the breath has a big part in the movements too.

On a slightly different note, I’ve been finding myself resisting starting certain things for the fear of lacking originality or function. But, some wisdom I’ve been hearing is to recognize that I am unique and so is everyone else. If someone doesn’t appreciate the project I did, I did it for myself, which is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes following a feeling or thought that comes up in say, meditation, can be productive. Also, realizing that the act of allowing doesn’t always mean that you’re indulgent, but in fact can keep you on track in a more sustainable way. It’s about finding the balance between yielding and being firm. It’s about enduring, lasting like a tree that has gone through many storms.

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