Hello December

fullsizeoutput_10feLately, I’ve been set on figuring out my long term goals and finding what I really want to do. Don’t get me wrong, yoga will be a constant. But, what else? I have found some passions that have also stayed constant: love of nature and helping with a worthy cause. I have applied to a few positions that fit both of those interests and haven’t heard back yet. I’m patient.

From what I have learned from the Native American Four Directions is that North correlates with Winter. North/Winter are a part of the cycle where we come inside, share with friends and those who support us, connect back to the basics, feel the firm foundation of the earth, give gratitude for the fullness of the present, and honor those who created who we are right now. I always think of an image of bare trees in winter and how they bring their energy inside. Their branches reach upward and their roots continue downward, sturdy in the earth. Perhaps they are also a little like The Giving Tree, selflessly providing parts of themselves for the benefit of others (firewood).

So, here I am trying to keep North/Winter in mind. I will cherish what and whom I have in my life, write gratitudes everyday, and hope for the best. The yoga I share this month in class will have North/Winter intentions and I hope that I will be able to be grounded and thankful with my students.

Also, one of my teachers at Yoga Union in Portland is a music genius. Chris Calarco always creates the best playlists for class. I recently got to see his Spotify. If you’re interested, here’s his December playlist:

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