I stand for interconnectedness // We are made of star stuff // We are 60 percent water // 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water // Our bodies are constantly changing and moving // Our globe is constantly changing and moving // We need each other // We are bodies // We need our bodies // Our lungs are connected // We breath the same air // Our breath affects our health and emotions // Our health and emotions affect others // What one country does affects other countries // We have the power to change ourselves // We have the power to heal // We have the power to uplift // We have the power to move // We have the vulnerability to be moved // We must empower ourselves // We must empower others // Through movement, we can create a movement

-Stephanie’s Manifesto


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  In high school, I won the “Perseverance Award” in cross country. Later, I won the “Sisyphus Award” in one of my college art classes, honoring my ability to push the boulder up the mountain, even after it falls down every time. Now, please don’t take this as bragging, because at the time, all I … Continue reading Perseverance

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